Design and visual effects are for enhancing story.

We make it our priority to create good design and visual effects with intentionality.

2.11.19 // Reel Branding

Abstractions created for my 2019 reel.

reel v1.00_00_08_23.Still003.jpg
reel v1.00_00_05_17.Still004.jpg
reel v1.00_01_55_16.Still005.jpg

4.7.18 // Text + Color Experiment

Disheveled text infused with tetrad colors extracted from a photo I shot at Taylor University.

color theory v2-01.png

3.23.18 // Vriez Collective Rebranding

New logo design concepts for Vriez Collective crafted in my Layout and Design class.


6.13.17 // Madhouse Creative

These are some 2D motion design concepts created for Owens Corning while interning at Madhouse Creative in Toledo, Ohio.

6.7.17 // LEVI!

Here's a little animation I made for my friend Levi while experimenting with color schemes.

It Affects You VFX

Final composite of our crash scene from the film It Affects You.

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 12.59.15 PM.png

1.25.16 // It Affects You

Poster created for our short film It Affects You.